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Nov 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
on a takedown of the treasury in the auto bailout. three guys earned $4.2 billion from the u.s. treasury. you remember that from the debate, right? no one asks, no one is answering that begin today, we got the confirmation from the romney campaign. now, what is this all about? and what does it have to do with the congo? i was reporting for bbc television and the guardian. when i found out that someone had figured out how to dip their hands, their claws into the foreign aid fund, the debt relief given to the republic of congo which is suffering a cholera epidemic. this money was intended to be used, $90 million intended to be used to in the cholera epidemic in the congo and yet it was waylaid by a bird of prey, a vulture, a vulture fund, a guide -- managed by a guy named paul singer. is other middle name is elliott. paul elliott singer who has accompanied by a good name of elliott management so i went up the congo river for abc television to find out what happened and i found elliott management had their claws around the cholera of money for the congo. we reported it on bbc television and the
Nov 17, 2012 10:00am EST
will be moderating the panel. the novelist will be joining us later. ms. kaplan will also be speaking, the founder of the miami book fair, introducing and opening the weekend coverage. in just a minute we'll take you now to chapman all. it's rather full. we will be beginning or coverage varies and. we are live on book tv. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> good morning. i had a little bit too much coffee is morning. it is a pleasure to see you. we are delighted to welcome you to the first session this saturday morning. how are you today. [applause] as you know, this is one of the most exciting times for us in the fall season in miami, and we are thrilled with this morning's panel. first and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who helped make this impossible, including our sponsors as well as blue florida and our volunteers. before we get started now would like to ask everyone to please turn of
Nov 3, 2012 7:15pm EDT
just describe it. by the way, i wish you had not reminded liberals that many of us don't think they've done so well in trying to destroy me because more than any book i've ever written, i have never had a book so ignored by the mainstream media. [laughter] i always make -- this is one thing i changed my mind about. i've maintained ferociously liberals can't learn that if you cut taxes, there's revenue to the treasury, can't learn it doesn't work to coddle and suck up to terrorists, but, apparently, they can learn if they attack ann coulter, she sells more books. [laughter] i love those gals on "the view," and i wanted to kiss them all before i left. [laughter] you know, i realize that people who are familiar with the actual history of civil rights in america or who have read my books notice that they had not read the books, but that was great because they believe everything the "new york times" believes, but the new york times won't argue with me. at least the gals on "the view" will argue with me. the summary of the book is white guilt never produced anything good, and don't make t
Nov 24, 2012 8:45am EST
'd like to hear from you. tweet us your feedback, >> now on booktv, from the 17th annual texas book festival many austin, texas, robert draper discusses his book titled "do not ask what good we do: inside the u.s. house of representatives." this is about 45 minutes. >> good afternoon. i'm evan smith, i'm the ceo andy editor-in-chief of the texas tribune. i am pleased to be here with myt old buddy, robert draper, av veteran magazine writer and author whose latest book is "doy not ask what good we do." robert is a familiar face around these parts having spent thei meaty, early part of his career as one of texas monthly'sil marquee writers, in fact, us being up here together again ise kind of like dean martin and jerry lewis back on stage.rkey [laughter] eing a bit together again is kind of like dean martin and jerry lewis back on stage. he is currently a contributing writer to the new york times magazine and national geographic and a correspondent for gq. his previous books include dead certain and critically acclaimed biography of george w. bush, a comprehensive his
Nov 4, 2012 9:00am EST
customers love it. it's a little bit lost on us why this is so wonderful because we listened to it all day long. it's the character. we're not a super slick kind of store and descriptive slurs represent that. it's a real old kind of story that she don't get a lot of communities anymore. were an independent bookstore since 1973 and i've owned the store since 2006 along with my house and. it is open by michael carson brca2 73 across the street and it's been part of the community ever since. visit the store after a flood in 1992 with the old sort have flooded it was time to expand and start in a fresh space, so we been here ever since. it's really a community bookstore. people have been coming here since the beginning. kids have grown up here and we definitely like being part of the community that way. i don't think you can fine-tune a chance of a thousand people that support through bookstores. i won time we had five bucks to respond within a stones to serve each other. you don't find that too many places anymore. most independent bookstores are closing around the country. some may support m
Nov 25, 2012 7:15am EST
partner for boston the festival because the spirit that brings literally tens of thousands of us together on a day like this inquiry, investigation, exploration, love of learning and literature. it's a natural combination for the city of boston. so i'm very, very honored and proud to be here today, especially for this panel. and before i introduce the three amazing women who are sitting to my right, a couple quick reminders to one is that cell phones, if you've been given that reminder, please turn them off, or at the very, very least, silence. and since we are in the smartphone generation i also ask you, i urge you to resist the urge to tweet or facebook or look stuff up during this panel. let's try and create a sacred space where great conversation is actually the focus. [applause] >> the other thing is this is being recorded for broadcast on c-span, just so that everybody knows. and reckless after the panel today at 12:15 there will be a book signing were all three of these women will be available behind the lecture hall here to sign copies of their books. so just remind on all those f
Nov 24, 2012 2:30pm EST
organization money. what is your pet? >> i think it is believe us, there is a gap in the united states and we have to provide the heroes who are serving kids in need with the resources they need. we need geniuses. they are not getting the education they deserve and the books that they need to make your imagination brings life and have an enriched life. this is a workforce issue, a health care issue, it is a civil reissue, people won't vote if they don't know how to read. we have to enrich from the bottom up. that way kids know they can have a chance and they can make a life for themselves. >> carol hampton rasco, what is your pitch? .. so we need to start early and we need to be ready to really pour the resources and that were discussed and said the earliest years, children being in a school setting where we can try to reach the best. >> president and ceo of reading is fundamental. what is your website quickly? >> riff got bored. >> and chief financial officer of first book and the website. >> first book. >> and we thank you both for being on book tv and talking about your readi
Nov 25, 2012 5:15pm EST
most powerful democrat in washington have to use his chief of staff as a lever to send a message to the president of the united states? i was talking to somebody from the other day. as you may know, they take books and they divide them as red states and blue states. most of the books selling in red states, republican state, blue state, democratic states, and i have said, where does this football? where is it to and he said well, it's purple. because it has information about both sides in all of us. it shows that there is a war going on, not just in the democratic party, but the republican perhaps much more intense. john boehner is trying to work a deal with the president to do tax reform and entitlement reform and his deputy, the majority leader, calls people like paul ryan, who is now running for vice president. .. >> if you keep doing this, you are going to risk your speakership. the president said when i talked to him, interestingly enough, he said in fixing -- he realizes the magnitude of all of this, as does speaker boehner, key democrats, key republicans realize
Nov 11, 2012 7:15am EST
to washington as the boys nation, candidate for u.s. senate. goes to washington. is already six feet tall. he strives to the front of the line when they go to the white house to see president kennedy. and then when kennedy finishes his speech, bill clinton both forward and get his picture taken with, alongside a john f. kennedy. you so proud. he already is dedicated to the idea that he's going to be the person who's going to bring complete honor to his family. he already by the age of 17 has planned to be elected attorney general of arkansas, then governor of arkansas and as president of the united states. this is something which everyone knows him knows about because he talks about it all the time. he does not go to the university of arkansas. he goes to georgetown. from georgetown he becomes the arkansas candidate and goes to oxford. he is an incredibly success everywhere but he cannot have a sustained ongoing relationship with a woman. he is attracted to the kind of women, his mother direction to what the beauty queens, who are the ones flirtatious, who are attractive, and that's really wh
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9